Hygiene in health care
Consulting "Hygiene in the healthcare sector

In this section you will find information about the consulting services we offer in the field of hygiene in the health care sector as well as in the veterinary sector.

In cooperation with the company IDEXX we offer the implementation and monitoring of hygiene management systems for veterinary clinics and practices. The services include, the inspection of the facility, the preparation of status reports with suggestions for improvement, the training of employees, the development of an individual hygiene manual. If the hygiene quality meets our requirements, we will issue a hygiene certificate upon request, which you can use for marketing purposes on your website, in your premises, etc.

Production hygiene

As your external microbiology department, we provide comprehensive advice on the interpretation of test results in the field of hygiene and microbiology relating to industrial hygiene, process water hygiene, personnel hygiene, microbiological quality control and preservation of cleaning products.

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Efficacy evaluation of antimicrobial products

If you need assistance with the efficacy evaluation of antimicrobial products according to the Biocide Regulation VO (EU) No. 528/2012, we are happy to be at your side. We are experts for the following product types:


*mandatory fields