Consulting services for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products

As your external microbiology department, we provide comprehensive advice on all hygiene and microbiology issues relating to industrial hygiene, process water hygiene, personnel hygiene, microbiological quality control and preservation of pharmaceutical products. For products in the area of our core competence "Infection Prevention and Wound Treatment" we offer to support you in registration projects from the idea to the registration.

The preparation of registration dossiers is then carried out by our renowned partner YES Pharmaceuticals. Products for this would be e.g. hand and skin disinfectants (as far as classified as medicinal products), wound antiseptics, mucous membrane antiseptics, antiseptic ointments and creams for the treatment and prevention of infections e.g. for burn wounds.


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Efficacy evaluation of antimicrobial products
If you need assistance with the efficacy evaluation of antimicrobial products according to the Biocide Regulation VO (EU) No. 528/2012, we are happy to be at your side. We are experts for the following product types:


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